Jun 302011

Most people know Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ for its racy but inexplicably catchy lyrics and bizarre music video. In its latest incarnation, pop singer Wynter Gordon strips it down and makes it more sensual than the original kinky yet campy version.

Gordon’s soulful vocals stand out against a simple acoustic guitar. Combined with the risque lyrics, she manages to create something completely new and alluring, free of any media-related connotations Rihanna claims the original to have. Without any Depeche Mode sampling or layered vocals, it’s an obvious and welcome departure from the electro-Eurodance-inspired hit we’ve all heard one too many times. Watch Gordon perform the song below.

Wynter Gordon – S&M (Rihanna cover)

Check out more about her just-released EP With The Music I Die on her official website.

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