Jun 232011

A couple of weeks ago we previewed Weezer’s contribution to the soundtrack of the latest Disney/Pixar moneymaker Cars 2, their cover of The Cars’ “You Might Think.” Now the song has a studio video. The video features Rivers Cuomo and co. in the recording studio and performing live, all intercut with cute animated cars.

Okay, it’s a long way from their groundbreaking and inventive video for “Buddy Holly” all those years ago. But hey, if an exec from Disney drove a dump truck full of money up to your house and asked you to record a song and film a video, what would you do?

Weezer – You Might Think (The Cars cover)

Cars 2 opens in theaters tomorrow.

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  1. While the Disney cash grab is more likely, I prefer to believe that this is Rivers and the gang celebrating Ric Ocasek, who did, after all produce The Blue Album.

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