Jun 072011

The Montain Goats are known for lo-fi, hyper-literate songs filled with dense stories and nuanced emotion. “Boxcar” is none of these things. It’s a terse screed proclaiming punker-than-thou identity politics. Still, the Goats built a bridge by covering the Jawbreaker chestnut for the A.V. Club Undercover.

“Everybody feels beleaguered at some point,” Goats frontman John Darnielle responds when asked about the choice. “That’s the universal truth of punk, that you are going to feel, in whatever role you’re living, that everybody is against you. At the same time, I don’t think I feel as beleaguered as the author of those lyrics does.”

Watch “Boxcar” below, featuring Darnielle’s endearingly gratuitous “dramatic” entrance.

The Mountain Goats – Boxcar (Jawbreaker cover)

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