Jun 062011

Sure, you’re too cool for Rihanna, or so you say. You think no one is watching when you belt out “Only Girl (In the World)” alone in your car, no one will stumble across the video of your drunken acoustic version of “Love the Way You Lie (Part 2).” Fine, we’ll play along and pretend that Prince caught your eye in the taglist.

RiRi’s 86-date Loud tour kicked off Saturday night in Baltimore (take that indie bands with your 3 week ‘tours’ with a night off between each show), and she debuted her cover of Prince’s 1985 classic “Darling Nikki.” No surprises here – oversexed choreography, ex-metal guitarist showing off his chops, and the song suits Rihanna’s voice perfectly. Check out the clip below, the best of what’s circulating so far.

Find more Rihanna on her website, even though we know you’re not interested.

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  1. what clip?

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