Jun 212011

Last year, Surfer Blood’s John Paul Pitts told Prefix that their band name came from teasing a friend who brought a surf bag on a road trip (it started as “surfer bro”). The point being, there is no connection whatsoever to Pixies’ acclaimed 1988 album Surfer Rosa. Still, we can’t help wondering if the name similarity influenced their choice of Surfer Rosa song “Gigantic” for their A.V. Undercover set.

Probably 90% of Surfer Rosa covers tackle “Where Is My Mind?” so “Gigantic,” while hardly a deep cut, is still refreshing. Does Surfer Blood do anything new or different with it? Not really, but, with The Girls at Dawn’s Sarah Baldwin tackling Kim Deal’s vocal part, it’s a nice reminder of a tune that stands strong 20+ years later.

Surfer Blood – Gigantic (Pixies cover)

Check out more Surfer Blood at their website or MySpace.

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