Jun 142011

A little more than a month after we wrote about Toronto singer/songwriter Royal Wood covering Foster the People, we have a new, completely different version of the song. “Pumped Up Kicks,” the effortlessly cool summer jam by California’s indie up-and-comers, has been reworked once again by Melbourne’s 20 year old pop sensation Owl Eyes (aka Brooke Addamo). The cover version, which Owl Eyes and a backing band performed on the Triple J radio show Like a Version, was a favorite of Brooke’s for the unusually sinister trappings lurking within the pop song.

Owl Eyes’ cover features one element that the original lacks: a glockenspiel. Addamo’s breathy and dreamlike vocals lend themselves well to the dark story and create a hazy new take on the song. Her sweet and soulful voice delivers melancholy lyrics like “Better run, better run/outrun my gun,” creating a bright, shimmery summer-worthy cover. Watch and download it below. (via Triple J)

Owl Eyes – Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People cover)


To find out more info about Owl Eyes, go to her website.

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