May 312011

Only a month remains until the release of the much-anticipated Rave on Buddy Holly, a cover album that boasts contributions from a stunningly high-profile lineup of artists including Paul McCartney, The Black Keys, Cee-Lo Green, and Julian Casablancas. A few tracks have already surfaced and now the offering from cover enthusiasts Florence and the Machine arrives. Continue reading »

May 302011

They Say It’s Your Birthday celebrates an artist’s special day with other people singing his or her songs. Let others do the work for a while. Happy birthday!

Cee-Lo Green turns 37 today, and he has every reason to celebrate. The Atlanta-born singer, rapper, and producer has been everywhere the past year: taking over the radio with his ridiculously catchy single “Fuck You,” performing at the Grammys with a psychedelic peacock costume and backup from Gwyneth Paltrow, and, most recently, judging the hit NBC show The Voice. His birthday may fall on Memorial Day this year, but we’re not sure this guy ever takes a day off.

Countless artists, from Sara Bareilles to Pixie Lott to William Shatner have jumped aboard the Cee-Lo bandwagon with their own takes on “Fuck You” – just like what happened five years ago when Green’s Gnarls Barkley hit “Crazy” climbed the charts. In honor of his birthday, Cover Me presents alternate renditions of Cee-Lo’s two biggest hits, along with three others from his solo career and his work in Gnarls Barkley. Continue reading »

May 272011

Our resident Gleek Eric Garneau looks back at a season of covers. If you didn’t watch the show, see what you missed; if you did, relive the high points.

If you’re like me (and I know some of you are), you might have thought Glee floundered for most of its second season. As one of my friends put it, most of the episodes were like “the first season on steroids” in that all of the characters and plots were taken to their ridiculous extremes. In perhaps the most egregious example, the season opener “Audition” had Rachel act on her jealousy by tricking her rival into going to a crack house, presumably so she’d get roughed up by junkies. That’s a pretty embarrassing event on which to hinge a plot. Continue reading »

May 272011

Weezer’s been tweeting hints about a Cars cover for the Cars 2 soundtrack for weeks now, but this one came with no advanced warning. It’s the band covering Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” in the studio and doing a darn fine job. It doesn’t differ a ton from the original, but Weezer’s power-pop sheen does the OK Computer cut justice. Continue reading »

May 272011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

After last week’s ten-track bonanza, we tried to keep things reasonable this week. It was tough though. The five tracks below take on sources both buzz-worthy (new Death Cab!) and obscure (1983 Eddie Jobson and the Zincs track). No two take a remotely similar approach, making this one of the most diverse sets we’ve had so far. Continue reading »

May 272011

Mr. Little Jeans, the stage name of Norwegian musician Monica Birkenes, was spotlighted last winter by the Guardian in a “new band of the day” feature. The paper proclaimed her a potential heir to Kylie Minogue’s electro-pop throne. This week, though, she left the club behind in favor of “The Suburbs,” covering the title track from Arcade Fire’s Grammy-winning third album. Continue reading »