May 022011

For some reason, people seem obsessed with covering the Super Mario Bros. theme song. Since the inception of YouTube, countless versions of the abnormally catchy tune have popped up in various arrangements, including on guitar, 11-string bass, clarinet quartet, beatboxing flute (pretty impressive) and any other instrument you can name. Maybe people just like to revisit the wasted hours of their youth by wasting their adulthood as well!

Jack Conte, better known to Cover Me fans as the male half of cover legends Pomplamoose, has caught the bug, recently posting his cover as a YouTube “VideoSong.” In his inimitable style, he plays all instruments in this chaotic, Wurlitzer-driven version. As a special bonus, he recreates some of the most remembered sound effects from the game and works them into the arrangement as well (mushroom, anyone?). Check out the video below.

For more music by Jack Conte, head to his website.

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