Apr 222011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

This week’s Bandcamp selection is kind of a downer. There’s a cover that sounds like Suicide and a cover of a guy who committed suicide. There’s the story of an orphan sent to New York and the story of a young rap prodigy banished to a Samoan reform school (purportedly). For once, Bon Iver seems the cheeriest person around.

The second Sparklehorse cover we’ve seen in this series (here’s the first), “Eyepennies” crafts a haunted ballad that sounds like it may collapse at any second. The scratchy recording only adds to the atmospherics.

For those not in the know, Pogo is an Australian musician known for his YouTube remixes. He builds full songs using snippets from movies and the results can be breathtaking. For instance, “Whisperlude” combines fragments of sounds from the 1995 film A Little Princess. Now, one musician has figured out a way to cover the remixes, using honest-to-goodness rock instruments. Divorced from their novel origins, Pogo’s Frankenstein-esque creations show themselves to be just plain good songs.

We were wondering when we’d see our first Odd Future cover. Admittedly, covering rap songs is tough. Covering rap songs about sexual depravity and homophobia, tougher still. Erstwhile Richter & the Deviant Conundrums don’t get it quite right, but their off-the-cuff acoustic jam holds to blueprints for a great acousta-rap cover. A little polishing and it could be there.

Bon Iver just announced his album Wednesday, so what better time for a cover from his last album? No, not 2008’s For Emma, Forever Ago, but 2009’s Blood Bank EP – the same disc from which Kanye West borrowed “Woods.” The Red Noise strums along gently, quiet harmonies leading to a xylophone solo.

Flowers for Reagan’s “State Trooper” is tagged “suicide.” This seems a strange interpretation of the lyrics until you hear that guitar vamp. That tag clearly refers to Suicide the artist. Springsteen’s a fan and this cover sounds like Nebraska filtered through “Frankie Teardrop.”

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  1. Wow– who knew a Pogo instrumental would sound so amazing!

  2. Thanks Mike =] (and thanks CoverMe for featuring the track!)

    I also created a video for the Whisperlude cover, which you can find linked on my site. (there you’ll also find covers for Pogo’s “Wishery” and “Toyz Noize” that I did — check ’em out as well! :))

  3. Thanks for the feature!

  4. A bit late to the party – thank you though! First constructive feedback we’ve gotten about this music :)

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