Apr 112011

Swedish danceuse Robyn didn’t get the attention she deserved last year. Sure, the blogs were full of talk about her masterful Body Talk mini-albums, but that didn’t translate into a breakthrough into the public consciousness. Justin Bieber’s $80 billion (or so) in album sales serves as a constant reminder that sometimes life just isn’t fair.

British indie rockers The Duke Spirit show their love for Robyn on the lastest edition of Billboard‘s Mashup Mondays with a cover of the superb “Dancing On My Own.” They strip off all of the club trimmings in their acoustic arrangement, exposing Robyn’s soulful melody that underlies it all. As guitarist Toby Butler says, “most good songs usually are pretty simple when you break them all down.” See how right he is when you check out the video below.

Find more of The Duke Spirit on their website.

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