Apr 212011

There are some bands and artists that, when you hear that there’s a bluegrass cover of their work to check out, you wonder what you’re going to hear. You might fret that you won’t get a sweet mountain cover of a song you love and will instead get someone lazily picking through some back-catalog obscurity, but luckily for us, you never have to worry about this with Guns n’ Roses. It’s almost inconceivable that anybody would dignify Chinese Democracy with a cover. Predictability can be a good thing, and you can almost always predict that a Guns n’ Roses cover will be culled from Appetite for Destruction.

It’s the kind of album that’s malleable in an artist’s hands and that fits well with all different genres. We saw this a few months ago with Ruby Isle’s electropopping of the whole thing, and we see it again now with Gold Top County Ramblers’ bluegrass medley. They kick it off with “Mr. Brownstone,” and stay true to their rambling name, providing some incredible soloing before launching into “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City.” Enjoy.

Gold Top County Ramblers – Guns n’ Roses Medley

Check out more Gold Top County Ramblers at their website and MySpace.

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