Apr 012011

“Only Love Can Break Your Heart” seems to be in vogue for bold covers these days. A few months ago, indie pop artist I Blame Coco turned the Neil Young ballad into an off-kilter dance tune. Now, gypsy punk quartet DeVotchKa takes it back to its acoustic roots in a session for Crawdaddy, but with a DeVotchKa-ian twist: lots of accordion.

For every verse Nick Urata sings, Tom Hagerman hammers out another accordion solo. Unlike the aforementioned dance cover, it doesn’t totally subvert the lyrical meaning, but gives a little bounce to what is at heart a ridiculously depressing tune. Check it out below. For comparison’s sake, we’ve got I Blame Coco’s decidedly more upbeat rendition as well.

DeVotchKa – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young cover)

I Blame Coco – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young cover)

Check out more DeVotchKa at their website or MySpace.

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