Mar 032011

All along, LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy said that 2010 album This Is Happening would be the band’s last. Any fan’s hopes that the critical praise and year-end list appearances would convince him to reconsider were dashed with the controversy-inducing final gig at Madison Square Garden on April 2nd. Murphy may be looking down the homestretch, but the album continues to receive some attention from other artists in the form of covers. See Green covered “I Can Change” earlier this year, and now WOJCIK (pronounced VOY-check) have taken on the track as well.

The Brooklyn duo start by stepping up the tempo and swapping Murphy’s trademark electronic blips for a fuzzy guitar. Band namesake Hailey Wojcik provides the vocals with femme punk swagger. The result sounds like a rougher-around-the-edges Rilo Kiley circa “Portions for Foxes,” turning the track into something you could play at a party rather than alone while brooding over a breakup. With the changes, WOJCIK replaces the elements that define LCD at its melancholy best – the stark yearning of Murphy’s spare production and nuanced falsetto – with more straightforward garage rock. (via A Heart Is a Spade)

WOJCIK – I Can Change (LCD Soundsystem cover)


Find out more about WOJCIK at Bandcamp or their MySpace.

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