Mar 082011

Despite the fact that Katy Perry openly accused Lady Gaga‘s “Alejandro” music video of blasphemy, she has no qualm whatsoever with covering Mother Monster’s latest anthem, “Born This Way.” Some people have suggested that Lady Gaga’s latest single is nothing but a revamped version of Madonna‘s “Express Yourself,” so this must make Perry’s cover a cover of a cover or something. Everyone and their mom has covered a Lady Gaga song at some point, and this just adds one more to the extensive list of “Born This Way” covers.

Perry strips down the original live at Paris’ Le Zenith in the same concert segment that earlier saw her cover Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Willow Smith. Usually, Perry struggles in the live realm but here her voice actually sounds the way it does recorded. The acoustic rendition of this dance anthem is a sweet move on Perry’s part, perhaps as a peace pipe to the Lady. It could also be because “Firework” is no longer the top gay anthem. She switches up the lyrics a bit, saying ‘Baby, you were born this way,’ which may not have been the best move on her part. Little Monsters love Lady Gaga because they were all born this way, not just because ‘you’ were born this way. “You were born this way” sounds like something you’d tell your ugly daughter.

Check out the video below and let us know if you think the lyric change was all that dramatic.

Katy Perry – Born This Way (Lady Gaga cover)

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  1. She is the definition of the word “cunt.”

  2. I too am puzzled by any defense of Katy Perry, at least musically. I mean, you can’t hear her breasts sing…

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