Mar 012011

The xx‘s brand of arresting, atmospheric gloom-pop quickly gained an audience on the release of their debut in 2009. Appearances at large festivals followed, with the band playing to large, but amazingly still and respectful audiences. How often do you see that at a festival? The music throbs, but stops short of nudging you toward the dancefloor.

Hercules and Love Affair aim to change that with the b-side of their latest single, “Painted Eyes.” They cover the xx’s “Shelter” and completely make over the tune with an energetic house backing, somewhat reminiscent of mid-’80s New Order. Surprisingly the transformation works well, preserving the brooding melody of the original while simultaneously inspiring you to move with a driving beat and bouncing synths. Check out the track below.

Hercules and Love Affair – Shelter (the xx cover)

Check out more Hercules and Love Affair on MySpace.

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