Mar 072011

Hank Williams Jr. knows hard times. Just 3 years old when his famous father died, and raised by an alcoholic mother, Williams had his own struggles with drugs and alcohol. He hit rock bottom in 1975…literally. He fell 400+ feet down the side of Ajax Mountain in Montana, severely injuring his head and face.

He documented his demons in the song “Living Proof,” released one year before his accident and covered here by Baltimore based singer-songwriter Caleb Stine. Stine ably tackles this tale of woe, singing solo acoustic during a session for radio station WNRN of Charlottesville, VA. His voice has that classic country tremolo with a bit of a modern twist, similar to that of Jay Farrar of Uncle Tupelo/Son Volt fame. See the video below.

Caleb Stine – Living Proof (Hank Williams Jr. cover)


Check out more Caleb Stine on his website.

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