Feb 152011

By now all regular readers of Cover Me have purchased Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, right? The Dresden Dolls frontwoman pays tribute to Australia and New Zealand with a mix of originals referencing those countries and covers of prominent artists from the area. Sure, she missed Kylie Minogue, but nobody’s perfect!

For those of you who don’t have the album yet, perhaps her latest video will entice you to pull out your wallets. In her cover of Peter Jefferies’ “On An Unknown Beach” she sticks close to the original but produces a much more listenable track; let’s just say Jefferies has a ‘difficult’ voice. Visually stunning, the video features Palmer running around on a beach in a wedding dress, and the intensity of her eyes makes you want to confess your deepest secrets. Check it out below, then download our premiere of Palmer’s “The Ship Song” here.

Amanda Palmer – On an Unknown Beach (Peter Jefferies cover)

There’s more Amanda Palmer on her website.

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