Feb 152011

“Influential” can often be synonymous with “unsuccesful.” Judged on the basis of album sales alone, Brian Eno certainly fits this stereotype, but a deeper examination reveals more. From his early days with Roxy Music to a series of influential mid-’70s albums to collaboration with the Berlin-era David Bowie to producing both Talking Heads and U2‘s best albums, Eno has experienced success many times over, even if his name hasn’t been front and center on the marquee.

The latest artist to show her Brian Eno colors is the incomparable Annie Clark, aka. St. Vincent. Check out  two covers of Eno’s “Some of Them Are Old” off of 1974’s Here Come The Warm Jets (both via TwentyFourBit). The first, a solo take from the Sundance Film Festival, starts off simply with just voice and guitar, building to an amazing wall of sound. On the second, from the Burgundy Stain Sessions, she uses piano to give the song an end-of-the-night cabaret feel and a more subtle climax, making this version sound even more contemplative than the original.

St. Vincent – Some of Them Are Old (Brian Eno cover) (Live at Sundance)

St. Vincent – Some of Them Are Old (Brian Eno cover) (Live at Burgundy Stain Sessions)

You can find more St. Vincent on her website.

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