Feb 212011

Portland six-piece Loch Lomond release their fourth full-length, Little Me Will Start a Storm, tomorrow and to celebrate, we’re proud to premiere a new cover by the band. They took on Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” adding an organ drone to the familiar harmonies. It somehow feels stripped-down and lush at the same time, full-throated harmonies pushing beyond the relatively spare rock and roll backing. “Relatively,” that is, compared to their usual setup – it’s not every band whose Wikipedia page includes a section on “Notable Instruments” (current inclusions: saw, theremin, Whirly tube).

The cover doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but the similarities make the aforementioned organ swirling that much more striking. Those drawn-out notes twist the song in a way you might not even notice at first. As always with this Rumours classic, though, it’s the bass breakdown into the furious guitar solo that kicks your feet out from under you. Download it below.

Update 2/24: MP3 switched to the fully-mastered version.

Check out more Loch Lomond at MySpace.
Little Me Will Start a Storm drops tomorrow.

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