Feb 162011

Few bands have received greater acclaim and yet been so spectacularly unsuccessful as Big Star. Led by the early ’60s Britpop-obsessed Alex Chilton, the band released three albums in the early ’70s of genius powerpop. The albums sold poorly, to say the least, and the band broke up. Rediscovered and cited as a key influence by bands such as R.E.M., Teenage Fanclub, The Posies and The Replacements, their influence only continued to rise. Tragically, last year’s untimely death of Alex Chilton may have put the band permanently on ice.

Sydney, Australia’s Circle do their part to keep the memory of Big Star alive with their cover of “Septembers Gurls” (and you thought Katy Perry came up with that spelling!). They strip away the guitars and give the song a sweet, dreamy electronic sheen, sounding like the Beach Boys floating up in the clouds. Check out their video below.

Circle – September Gurls (Big Star cover)

You can find out more about Circle on their website or MySpace.

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