Feb 152011

Record Store Day is April 16 this year, and a few details about various special releases for that day are starting to come out. One arrival is from Bear in Heaven. The Brooklyn trio will release a split 7″ with Norwegian producer Lindstrøm. On their side of the disc, they’ll be covering Lindstrøm & Christabelle’s song “Lovesick,” which they released on Soundcloud for our listening pleasure yesterday.

Bear in Heaven fill in the spaces of the original to create a dense and atmospheric, yet fully danceable track. Synths overtake the funky bass, the drums are buried a bit further back in the mix, and vocals are far less sultry, but the song is still just as fun. Check it out below.

Bear in Heaven – Lovesick (Lindstrøm & Christabelle cover)

Check out more from Bear in Heaven on their MySpace.

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