Jan 272011

YouTube is filled with amateur cover “artists.” Most stink. On the ‘Tube extracts the exceptions.

Although he hasn’t been making music too long, Miami alternative rocker/singer-songwriter Tristan Clopet has stacked up a lot of assets.  His voice percolates with soul, and his wailing guitar should make many in the indie world jealous. Clopet has to this point released two EPs of original material: 2009’s Duende and 2010’s Purple, discs which skillfully blend potentially irreconcilable influences into a fresh, exciting creation.

Clopet has also not shied away from paying homage to his influences. To do so, he’s masterminded a semi-regular YouTube covers feature entitled “The Living Room Series.” “I record [the covers] in my studio at home,” Clopet told us, “and [I] want the fans to see me as I am at home.” Indeed, often Clopet’s performances achieve a “fireside chat” level of intimacy that’d make FDR jealous. That doesn’t stop him, though, from occasionally layering on multiple instruments and bringing in his buddy Dan Hammler to smack some drums.

The performances below showcase some of Clopet’s many talents. While he can’t hide his Red Hot Chili Peppers influence, he one-ups Anthony Kiedis in the passion department. His guitar work shines on a Paul Simon standard. Finally, he brings some rock to a Beatles classic about meditation.

Tristan Clopet – Breaking the Girl (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover)

Tristan Clopet – Still Crazy After All these Years (Paul Simon cover)

Tristan Clopet – Across the Universe (The Beatles cover)

Besides YouTube, you can find more from Tristan on his website and MySpace.

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