Jan 112011

Black Swan got you in a strange-ballet state of mind? Then check out this oddity. It’s the Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps performing Elvis Costello’s “Puck 1,” with lots of choreography. And we mean lots of choreography, even for a marching band.

The stadium is empty [see comments], which may be a good thing. It’s hard to see how this interpretive band-ballet piece would rile up a hometown crowd. Still, the song comes from Costello’s symphonic work Il Sogno, so it’s not as out-of-place as if they did “Watching the Detectives” (though that would be awesome). Screw the Black Eyed Peas; can this be the next Super Bowl halftime show? (Thanks to Costello’s website for the tip)

Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps – Puck 1 (Elvis Costello cover)

Check out more Elvis Costello at his website.

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  1. Hello,

    You mentioned in your post that the stadium is nearly empty. That is not quite the case. There are actually around 17,000 people at the show where the video was shot. They are seated on the “Home Side” as it were.

    Drum and Bugle Corps shows are not designed for a typical crowd at a game, all of the audience is seated on one side of the stadium in order to see the production as intended by the performing ensembles.

    The fact is that Drum and Bugle Corps only exist to compete with each other and for their fan base. This also means that the productions are free to be more artistic since they are not out to entertain a crowd at a sports event, but rather all of the people in attendance are there to see the corps performances.

    In any case, it is interesting to see Drum Corps mentioned somewhere on a site that isn’t devoted to the activity! Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the info Jeff!

  3. This is one of my favorite DCI shows. The part where they play “Puck 1” happens to be my favorite part of the show, and it also happens to be A LOT of other people’s favorite part of this show. Sometimes I will bring up this show in a conversation, and the person I am talking to will say “OH MY GOD I LOVE PUCK 1” almost immediately. And as you can see, at 1:17 there is a really good shot of a stadium FILLED with people in the background. And besides, who would ever WANT to watch drum corps from the back?

  4. I’m sure you’ve gotten feedback from former DCI members over this. DCI =/= Marching Band. Also it’s not an empty stadium.

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