Oct 192010

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Sunday Girl (a.k.a Jade Williams, an English DJ/model/graphic artist) is a big deal in the UK dance scene (check out her stuff here). The moniker came about when she worked in a pet shop every Sunday and no one asked her name, but she recently became the darling of dance remixers everywhere by offering a cappella versions of her songs to anyone who was willing to sacrifice some bandwidth.

Don’t expect any remixes coming from this cover, though. Taking on Ke$ha‘s “Tik Tok,” Sunday Girl strips out the noise and sings liltingly along to an acoustic guitar. Her vocals evoke Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays, conjuring images of a shy teen out for the first time with her wild white-trash girlfriend. Here’s hoping nothing too bad happened on that crazy night. Hanging out with Ke$ha can’t be a good thing.

Sunday Girl – Tik Tok (Ke$ha cover)

Check out more Sunday Girl at her website, Facebook or MySpace

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  1. the song sounds a lot better than i thought it would but that video is boring and pointless

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