Oct 072010

“Just because it's auto-tuned doesn't mean it's not sincere,” said an unidentified member of Gayngs, a band comprised of members of Bon Iver, Megafaun, Dosh, Solid Gold, and more (via The Village Voice). This Northern super-group took on Sade's “By Your Side” at a recent Daytrotter session as well as at some shows. They added some Auto-Tune and a background choir of voices to cover this slow jam. Now, I know what you're thinking: Hide your kids, hide your wife. However, it really works. Check out a live video and the Daytrotter MP3 below.

With the long sax solo, strange costumes, and a random teenage boy—on top of the undeniable Auto-Tune—it seems as if they are joking. Perhaps they are. However, there's real emotion and heart behind all the tricks. It's ok if you cry; Gayngs is here to dry your eyes. All ten (or however many there are) of them.

MP3: Gayngs – By Your Side (Sade cover)

Gayngs – By Your Side (Sade cover) at Bowery Ballroom, NYC

Check out more from Gayngs at their site.

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