Sep 222010

Cover Me has been around for almost three years (big birthday surprises in the works). For all that time, it’s been one person. Me. Ray. Hi.

However, as longtime readers know, in the past six months the site has grown tremendously. We switched domains. We debuted a fresh layout. Most importantly, we went from 3-4 posts per week to 3-4 posts per day. As the post count increases, so does the traffic. With the recent addition of MTVMusic syndication, things are getting bigger and better by the day. We want a crew to get bigger and better with them. So, for the first time ever…Cover Me is looking for more cover lovers to join the team!

You’ll notice a new “Write For Us!” link in the top menu bar. That page will give you all the details. Whether you’re a freelance writer building a resume, a college kid looking to blow off some steam, or a part-time blogger desiring a larger audience, we’d love to have you. Business/advertising types, web designers, and artists are also welcome.

Go here to apply or learn more. Please contact me with any questions.

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