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The Arcade Fire coverage unexpectedly continues, since last night in Philadelphia they covered the late Jay Reatard’s punk nugget “Oh It’s Such a Shame.” Arcade Fire doesn’t really do “punk nugget” though, so they turned it into a to-the-rafters gospel shout. You’d never hear the potential in the three-chord original, but that’s because your ears aren’t as good as theirs.

The video capture is shaky, but the audio’s not terrible. With luck the band will reprise the cover Thursday at Madison Square Garden for their YouTube/Vevo webcast (directed by Terry Gilliam!). Until then, we’ve got the video and MP3 below, along with a clip of Jay performing the original at New York’s Cake Shop to give you an idea of just how drastically they changed it. (via Pitchfork)

The Arcade Fire – Oh It’s Such a Shame (Jay Reatard cover)
[youtube OKQbYegL6sc]

Jay Reatard – Oh It’s Such a Shame

Check out more Arcade Fire at their website or MySpace. As mentioned earlier,
The Suburbs it out today.

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