Aug 112010

“Baby” just won’t die. Justin Bieber’s obnoxious mega-hit has infiltrated pop culture to a horrifying degree. It’s the most-viewed video on YouTube. It’s inspired hilarious accusations of intellectual theft by Aziz Ansari’s obnoxious comedian Raaaaaaaandy (“Justin Bieber shot my knee!”). It’s spawned Neon Trees’ recent doowop mash-up with “Stand By Me.” Now this.

Maria McAteer and Björn Dahlberg’s piano cover is smooth and jazzy, The real find is the video though. Filmed in on the beaches of Brighton, a series of Brits lip-sync the godawful lyrics. From young punk rock chicks to bemused octogenarians, everyone rallies around the unavoidable song. It’s both funny and strangely moving. Justin Bieber: Uniting the world since 2010.

Maria McAteer – Baby (Justin Bieber cover)
[youtube Qg_-DUQPuIw]

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