Aug 262010

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When we talk about a “solo cover” here, we’re usually talking guy with an acoustic guitar. If we really go nuts, maybe with a piano. Yawn. When you’ve got a loop pedal though, “solo cover” potential opens wide.

Gavin Castleton has such a pedal. He puts it to good use on this dancey Peter Gabriel cover, blending piano, organ, clapping, synth, beatboxing, and a backing chorus with his singing. Because he has to add the elements one by one, it’s a slow-build that pays off. When the signature riff finally comes in (at 1:04) it feels like the sound you’ve been waiting for all your life.

Gavin Castleton – Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel cover)


Hear covers of Peter Gabriel’s entire
So album here. Check out more Gavin Castleton at his website or MySpace. Then head to Soundcloud to download four more covers.

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