Aug 262010

If you just heard a timid pop, it was the world of introvert thirty-somethings exploding (meekly). Two of the most wonderfully dejected bands around collided when Scottish sad sacks Frightened Rabbit covered Brooklyn’s bummed-out The National. The quintet chose “Fake Empire,” the lead track from 2007’s classic Boxer. Singer Scott Hutchison is a bit shaky on the words, but it’s nothing a lyric sheet can’t fix. The tune segues seamlessly into the band’s own “Backwards Walk.”

The occasion was a recent performance at San Francisco’s Rickshaw Stop. Filmed by HD cameras for Revision3, it captures seventy minutes of morose magic. Watch the video below. Note: you’ll want to jump to 47:45 to catch the cover. It’s the fourth dot from the right on the slider.

Frightened Rabbit – Fake Empire (The National cover)

Check out more Frightened Rabbit at their website or MySpace.

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  2. […] The National are an American band who play depressive, intense, meat-and-potatoes indie rock. Frightened Rabbit are a Scottish band who play depressive, intense, meat-and-potatoes indie rock. So it would seem pretty natural for Frightened Rabbit to cover the National’s great Boxer opener “Fake Empire”, but it’s still fucking weird to hear those words sung in a thick brogue. (Via Cover Me.) […]

  3. […] Frightened Rabbit are an interesting choice to cover The National. Scott Hutchison’s thick accent certainly adds a different perspective, but when you really think about it, both bands sing about a lot of the stuff we go through in every day life. So it fits better than I initially thought. The band only plays a bit of it, before transitioning right into their very own song, “Backwards Walk”. Check it out below, via Cover Me. […]

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  5. […] attention than they’ve gotten. “Fake Empire,” off 2007’s Boxer, garners appreciation from the likes of Frightened Rabbit, but where’s the love for “Terrible Love”? We even tried to commission a “Bloodbuzz Ohio” […]

  6. […] in the photo as part of the team. They’ve toured together in the past, and the Scottish band covered the National back in 2010. Frightened Rabbit’s last album was 2013’s Pedestrian […]

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