August Roundup

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Aug 312010

I don’t know who coined the term “dog days of summer,” but they clearly weren’t talking about music blogs. As the hottest month of the year wraps up, there’s a lot to look back on. Long anticipated covers finally surfaced by the likes of Fever Ray and Mavis Staples. Out-of-nowhere surprises bowled us over, like the bevy of joyful “F*** You”s. Brian Wilson grabbed the brass ring with his George Gershwin tribute disc and we celebrated the birthdays of Madonna and Elvis Costello. Our friends at Consequence of Sound helped us navigate the world of festival covers and the Roots took us through some U2.

Find all this and more as we collect our favorite August posts. Florence and the Machine sang that the dog days are over. For Cover Me though, the dog days never really began.


Presenting: The Five Best “F*** You” Covers (So Far) | Cee-Lo Green’s instant-classic soul jam gets turned rock, bluegrass, folk, classical, and more!
In the Spotlight: My Morning Jacket
Consequence of Sound Presents…Best Fest Covers
They Say It’s Your Birthday: Madonna
Review: Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin
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Aug 312010

The Raveonettes first teased their Stone Roses cover way back in April. It’s been a long wait since. Well finally – finally! – Dr. Martens has posted their cover. I’d say it was worth the wait, but if you’re familiar with this Danish duo, you already know that. Sune Rose Wagner and Sharon Foo’s dreamy fuzz-pop is tighter than ever.

“I remember watching ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ on TV and thinking, ‘Wow.’” Foo said in a making-of clip. “It’s different, it’s kind of psychedelic, but so super-cool.”

The cover comes complete with an aww-inspiring video. An elderly woman and her grandaughter bridge the generation gap with a whole series of cute activities. They play checkers in an elevator! They hold hands! They go fishing (with an already-dead fish)! It’s all sorts of adorable. Given the title, that seems appropriate. Check out the video and, below that, a making-of clip. Then hop on over to the Dr. Martens website to download the MP3. Continue reading »

Aug 312010

We reminded you last week that all good things must end. Well that end has arrived. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first let’s look back. The A.V. Undercover series gave us a good run of indie-classic matchups. First we heard the Antlers croon/moan through “Wish You Were Here.” Then Frightened Rabbit went all Scottish-downer on the Lemonheads. The Swell Season raised our spirits again with some “Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2.” Then last week Tokyo Police Club dragged us through the mud with a grungy “Everybody Wants You.”

And now here we are. The final installment. Don’t worry though; it’s a doozy. Since each band crossed the song they chose off a list, the final band had no choice at all. Through hell or high water, the Walkmen had to cover R.E.M.’s “Driver 8.” They rose to the occasion though with one of the best performances yet. Organ swirls, the guitar riff unwinds, and drums roll along in what sounds like the darkest carnival ever. Check it out below. Continue reading »

Aug 312010

Song of the Day posts one cool cover every morning. Catch up on past installments here.

Pitchfork named the Microphones’ The Glow Pt. 2 the best album of 2001. This means it beat the Strokes (Is This It, #15), the White Stripes (White Blood Cells, #8), and Radiohead (Amnesiac, #6). Pretty good for an album that sounds like took all of twenty bucks to make.

The album contained a song called “I Felt Your Size.” Two tracks later, it had “I Felt Your Shape.” New Jersey trio the Delfields have concocted a dreamy cover of the latter. The echo-chamber vocals sound like a dying record player underwater; the subtle programming is more LCD Soundsystem getting sleepy. All in all, a nice combo. Continue reading »

Aug 302010

YouTube is filled with amateur cover “artists.” Most stink. On the ‘Tube extracts the exceptions.

We kick off a new Cover Me series today with Jordan Corey. A U.C. Santa Barbara sociology major, Corey posts cover videos to YouTube just like thousands of other wannabe viral stars. Only one difference: she’s really good. A big-voiced belter, Corey straddles the line between old-school soul and American Idol. Some serious pipes for a skinny white girl.

Accompanied by an old theater buddy on guitar, Corey’s releasing a series of stripped-down home recordings. Her wails and whispers take center stage as she belts tunes from the worlds of pop (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars), classic rock (Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles), and new soul (Adele, Amy Winehouse). We’ve got three of the best below, including the premiere of her cover of La Roux’s “Bulletproof.” She describes her version as “a little more rustic, a little more raw.” Often on YouTube that translates into “off-key karaoke filmed with a cell phone.” Corey’s a refreshing exception. Continue reading »

Aug 302010

It was only a matter of time. Ever since Cee-Lo Green took over the internet with his bouncing-lyrics “Fuck You” video a week ago, the world has wanted – nay, needed a great cover of the tune. Well, good news world: they’re pouring in. No big-name artist has tackled the tune yet, but you know it’s only a matter of time before the first Live Lounge version surfaces.

Until then, here are the best five covers on the net. For a song that’s only been out eleven days, it’s rounded up some terrific interpretations. Miami artist Tristan Clopet jams it out with a three-piece combo. West coast hippies Weasels exist. go bluegrass, violin, banjo, and all. L.A. songwriter Chester See rocks the solo piano pop. Montana punk Dub delivers the definitive solo guitar screamer. Violin prodigy Eric Stanley busts out an instrumental over some a cappella oohs and aahs. Five very different approaches, all must-hears. Now ain’t that some shit? Continue reading »