Jul 072010

Rage Against the Machine guitar hero Tom Morello formed Street Sweeper Social Club in 2006 and it seemed they covered “Paper Planes” almost immediately (though it wasn’t yet released then, so my memory may be a bit off). So while it’s tempting to give them grief for releasing a cover that is so 2008 (maybe even 2000-and-late), they hit the ground running back in the day, before M.I.A. was all, “I’ll have the truffle fries.”

The single comes from The Ghetto Blaster EP, out August 10. It loses a little something without Morello’s machine-gun guitar miming, but that’s what YouTube is for. The EP also features a cover of L.L. Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out,” which in the hands of Street Sweeper’s Boots Riley should be explode-your-face dynamite.

Listen to it over at RollingStone.com. Preorder The Ghetto Blaster EP here.

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