Jul 212010

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A year ago Jimmy Fallon broke into the late night world with his quest to reunite the Saved By the Bell cast. It didn’t go so well. Dustin Diamond (Screech) was too busy starring in yucky homemade porn while Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly) was too busy producing videos about why she wouldn’t participate in a Saved By the Bell reunion. The group eventually got together for a People photo shoot, but Screech wasn’t invited. Typical.

To support Fallon’s effort, a swarm of would-be Internet sensations took to YouTube to cover the theme song. As tends to happen with YouTube covers, most of them were awful. This one wasn’t. It’s Randy Haddock delivering an earnest acoustic performance. It looks super classy, until you realized he’s perched on the toilet.

Randy Haddock – Saved By the Bell Theme


Check out more Randy Haddock at YouTube.

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