Jun 172010

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There are some pop songs that always inspire great covers. “Toxic” is the prime example of this. Almost any cover of this song, no matter how uninspired, tends to be enjoyable. “Umbrella” is another example, “Bleeding Love” a third. Covers of cheesy pop hits sometimes coast on novelty alone, but for whatever reason these songs generate cover gold.

“Tik Tok” is one such song. Awful as the original is, the covers are pretty fun. And it doesn’t get much more fun than Oh, Be Clever. The cover itself sounds fine, but the video just slays me. This may not be entirely intentional on their part. Ukulele boy is just so enthusiastic. Big Ke$ha fan I guess.

This clip raises so many questions. Why are they on a playground in the middle of winter? Is she watching the road? And most importantly, what is that shirt he’s wearing and where can I buy one?

Check out more Oh, Be Clever at MySpace.

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  1. Anyone have an MP3? This is fantastic! Please, please please…

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