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Cover Commissions is a monthly series in which a featured artist produces a special cover for this blog. Readers choose the song from a list of suggestions provided by the artist. Any artists interested in participating in a future installment, please email Cover Me at the address on the right.

This month’s featured cover artist was passed my way by James Eric, who longtime readers will remember kicked off our very first Commissions (which actually makes this the one-year anniversary of the series). Tinyfolk is the brain child of Russ Woods, an Illinois native and absurdly prolific musician who, having just graduated school, already has five album, a bunch of EPs, and a smattering of compilation appearances to his name.

Woods records low-fi tunes either on his own or with Meghan Lamb of Iron Like Nylon. What started out as a series of twee pop nuggets (lots of ukulele) have evolved to include synthesizers, strings and all the other elements of, you know, actual production. Best of all, he gives everything away for free at CLLCT, Last.FM, Muxtape and pretty much anywhere else you turn (his latest is at Rain Above Records).

Best of all, for us at least, he has done a ridiculous number of covers. Poke around that CLLCT page and you’re likely to find dozens tucked away on various albums, EPs and comps. One of his best is “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus, a one-hit wonder in the purest sense that the only single she ever released was a hit. Tinyfolk’s cover comes with a video especially for all you pixilated-hose lovers out there.

Like I mentioned, Tinyfolk has covered a lot of songs. Here’s a sampling. Poke around CLLCT for his takes on David Bowie (“Five Years”), They Might Be Giants (“Stormy Pinkness”) and more.

Tinyfolk – (There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me (Burt Bacharach)

Tinyfolk – Will You Be There? (Michael Jackson)

Tinyfolk – You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon)

What song will he cover next? Your call. Below are ten song choices, each linked to a YouTube video where you can listen. Check out the originals, listen to Tinyfolk’s other stuff, then pick which song he should cover in the poll on the right. While I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up covering every last one of them eventually, at least you can tell him which to do first.

Voting closes in one week, so get deciding! Vote in the poll on the right.

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  1. Russ is a great songwriter and one hell of a music devotee. Whichever song wins, he'll do it justice and surprise you by making it his own :) I'm glad he's taking part in this. My vote has been cast!

  2. I vote for "Be Prepared".

  3. for some reason, i feel like tinyfolk would do a really kickass cover of "will you still love me tomorrow?"

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