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A covers post devoted to Lady Gaga is long overdue. I only held off for so long because I figured there wouldn’t be enough material. Boy was that wrong! Every one of her tunes seems to have a dozen unique and creative reinterpretations. These are some of the best. Ten really isn’t enough though, so look for a bonus set on Twitter later this week.

Corey TuT – Bad Romance
Joe Strummer has returned, and he’s blowing minds and taking names with rough-and-ready cowboy-punk Gaga covers. [Buy]

Le Peep – Paparazzi
No one remembers (or cares) who won anything at MTV’s Video Music Awards last year, but who can forget that bizarre bloody death sequence that closed her performance? A metaphor for the sacrificial nature of celebrity or just an excuse for weird outfits? You never can tell. [Buy]

No Monster Club – Summergirl
One of Gaga’s lesser-known tunes, “Summerboy” gets a gender switcheroo in a surf-fuzz transformation that sounds like the Beach Boys played through the worst speakers ever. [Buy]

Maximo Park – Just Dance
When this became Lady Gaga’s first hit, few predicted how huge this woman would become. Listening to it in the context of her other singles, what stands out is how ordinary it is. Also, I’m pretty sure Ke$ha copied this music verbatim for “Tik Tok.” [Buy]

Brendan Kennedy – Boys Boys Boys
Kennedy keeps the gender intact here, rumbling his way through a churning drum-machine cover. “Glitter mixed with rock and roll” sounds like a good description of Gaga herself. [Buy]

Jocelyn Scofield – Speechless
Just when you thought no one made power ballads anymore. Elton-approved. [Buy]

Death in Plains – Brown Eyes
Van Morrison’s “Brown-Eyed Girl” was originally titled “Brown-Skinned Girl” which, despite its incredibly disregard for anything PC, does make more sense with the lyrics. Wonder if this tune started the same way. After all… [Buy]

Kenny Mellman – Alejandro
…Gaga doesn’t veer away from line-toeing racial fetishism. Bonus shout out to Our Hit Parade, a fantastic blog that features covers of dozens of current pop hits, many be Mellman himself. [Buy]

Scientifika – LoveGame
Scientifika works out of Norwich, VT, just across the river from where I went to school. It makes me want to track them down and bask in their grunge-thrash brilliance. [Buy]

You Me At Six – Poker Face
Cover Me has hosted many, many covers of this one. Download this rock assault, then move on various renditions by Orba Square, Leftover Cuties, Weezer and Ben’s Brother (a Best Cover Song of 2009). [Buy]

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  1. Corey TuT and You Me At Six's covers are particularly awesome.

  2. Thanks for including me on the list! Awesome!!

    Corey TuT

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