May 292009

Cover Commissions is a monthly series in which a featured artist produces a special cover for this blog. The song to be covered is usually chosen by blog readers via a poll or suggestions form. Any artists interested in participating in a future installment, please email me at the address on the right.

Old dhh sent this one in a while back for April’s Cover Commissions, but due to my recent absence it’s been sitting unloved in my inbox. Apologies all around, as you shouldn’t have to wait to hear a tune this good! The good news is it’s gonna be a double shot, with Dan Eaton’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” on the way soon.

Martin Thielen has been kind enough to provide us with a little intro to his group’s take on Bowie, so I’ll let him tell you about it.

“To begin with, of course any David Bowie song has to be done with respect. This is not Dead Or Alive we’re talking about. When we first started working on Ziggy it was pretty close to the original and we were just letting the minimalist derpferdheissthorst sound make our version sound different. We weren’t too happy with the result though, so we got together in the rehearsal room and tried all kinds of styles with it. What you get to hear is what stuck and what we liked best.
Feel free to check our website regularly (English translation included, yay!). We hope to publish some more of our exploits there fairly soon. Up to then “derpferdheissthorst meet Ziggy Stardust” is world exclusive to Cover Me. Remember you heard it here first! Enjoy!”

Now onto the mp3! Check back here soon for lots more Cover Commissions excitement.

This mp3 may be freely shared with the artist’s blessing. Post it on your blog, send it to your friends, burn it for your office mates. When you do share this however, please include a link to this site. Cover Commissions is a monthly occurrence here, and the more traffic this project draws the more exciting we can make future installments.

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