Apr 302009

Cover Commissions is a monthly series in which a featured artist produces a special cover for this blog. The song to be covered is usually chosen by blog readers via a poll or suggestions form. Any artists interested in participating in a future installment, please email me at the address on the right.

While we wait for derpferdheissthorst’s take on David Bowie from April (check back next week), let me keep the momentum going by presenting our newest Commissions artist: Dan Eaton.

Dan sent me his cover of the Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” (posted below), I knew I wanted to get him on board for this month’s commissions. The tune is thumping, shoegazey glory, dripping in your ears like molasses. A listen over his myspace page confirms a variety of sounds in his arsenal – a listener even compared one song to Sigur Rós!

Dan Eaton – Just Like Honey (The Jesus and Mary Chain)

And if that’s not exciting enough, check out his full band Queens Club’s stuff over at their page. They sound like, to crib a quote, “A totally medieval dance party in Berlin, Germany where everybody wants you to dance with them to the new Bloc Party single.” A few listens and…yeah, that sounds about right.

While you’re listening to all that tuneage, think about what song you’d like Dan to cover. The choices are below, with youtube links to help you be an informed voter. Once you know all the songs, vote for which one Dan should do on the right. You know the deal; a cover of the winner will go up by the end of May. Voting closes one week from today, so hop to it!

Bon Iver – Creature Fear
Sonny Curtis and the Crickets – I Fought the Law
Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself
Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror
The Jesus And Mary Chain – Never Understand
M83 – Kim and Jessie
The Smiths – This Charming Man
Wang Chung – Everybody Have Fun Tonight

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